Garden Update: October 27




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The Great Pumpkin Chuck

On Monday, November 3rd, SPARK will have it’s first Pumpkin Chuck! If you have any leftover pumpkins to chuck, please bring them to the lawn in front of the Hirsch House anytime the weekend after Halloween (Saturday, November 1st or Sunday, November 2nd). The SPARK Green Team has developed many math and science activities for the K-5 students to enjoy with the pumpkins during the day… including an engineering challenge – the Great Pumpkin Drop! Then in the afternoon, Compost Wheels will come pick-up all of the old pumpkins to compost to create rich soil for our school’s rooftop garden!


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The Switch Witch is Coming to SPARK!

On the Monday after Halloween, the Switch Witch will visit Springdale Park! Students are invited to bring their leftover candy from Trick or Treating and the Switch Witch will exchange it for a book of their choice out of her library. This is an effort to encourage our students to enjoy their Halloween candy in moderation (as an application of what they learn during our annual Sugar Stacks lesson).

*Swapping with the Switch Witch is an optional activity offered as an opportunity for K-5 students to make a healthy personal choice this Halloween. The Switch Witch will allow a trade with at least one quart of candy brought from their Trick or Treat bags at home. Students are encouraged to bring their candy in a reusable bag and after dumping their candy in the Switch Witch’s pot, will return home with their bag.


Switch Witch

(Written and Adapted by the 5th Grade SWAs) 

Have you heard about the Switch Witch? She wears a crooked hat.

She’s on the hunt for extra treats to feed her naughty cat.

Halloween is tons of fun with costumes, tricks, and treats.

But then November comes, and there’s still lots of candy sweets.


For healthy, growing children shouldn’t eat ALL the sweets,

That land in their bucket when they say “Trick or Treat!”

So after Halloween, kids, enjoy a day or two,

And then put in a bucket, candy to give when you are through.


On Monday, at Springdale Park, the Switch Witch will drop in,

To visit all the students, that are learning there within.

She’ll take the leftover sweets – and then she’ll make a SWITCH.

Giving something else to the kids – That generous, clever witch!


So this Halloween – Believe and collect!

Lot’s of sweet treats for the Switch Witch to get.

She’ll be proud of your healthy choice (and I bet you will too).

Thankful teeth, happy tummies, and a present JUST FOR YOU!

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Trees Atlanta: October Visit


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Garden Update: October 16

One of the things I love about my job is having the opportunity to watch things grow and change day to day… and experiencing that excitement with my children. Our squash just blossomed!!!


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Throwback: 2 Years Ago Today

Two years ago today, we were harvesting sweet potatoes and filming of chef demo with Chef Andrew from Atkins Park!


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Garden Update: October 14



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Calling for Sponsors for SPARK’s Compost Program

Starting on the first day of the second semester, Springdale Park students will begin sorting their trash in the cafeteria to reduce the waste they are contributing to the landfill. All food scraps and lunch trays will be set aside in a 32-gallon rolling bin. That bin will then be picked up by Compost Wheels once a week and Compost Wheels will compost our food scraps for us offsite. They can ensure that 100% of our food scraps are composted into useable soil rather than our program being limited by the capacity of our space and resources at the school. Within our existing program, we are unable to compost the lunch trays at school so they can provide that service as well. Compost Wheels delivers the compost back to the school so that would cut down in our costs of maintaining our garden and show the kids exactly how we are closing the loop and creating less waste by using our “trash” to turn into “treasure.”

Compost Wheels is an Atlanta-based company, founded by David Paull. David spent some time at SPARK educating our kids on the benefits of composting. See the photos and activities here: A Visit from Compost Wheels. He has also been a speaker at Family Science Night for the past few years!


This service with Compost Wheels is $27.00/week for a 32 gallon bin, picked up once each week. We are looking for sponsors to fund each week of the school year – We have approximately 27 weeks left of school. To donate, please go to (and fill in “Mobley” under “Teacher Name” so the funds can be allocated appropriately). Thank you for supporting our compost program at Springdale Park!



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Walk to School Day!

On September 28, an estimated 100,000 people (that’s 25% of the city of Atlanta!) took to the streets of Virginia Highland and Poncey Highland for Atlanta Streets Alive – an initiative of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition to create more livable Atlanta streets for people to play, walk, bike, breathe, and make their own.
On October 8, Springdale Park Elementary School students took to the streets for International Walk to School Day sponsored by Safe Routes to School and the Clean Air Campaign with a goal of meeting or exceeding the precedent that Atlanta Streets Alive set with 25% participation.
Thank you to Ms. Perry’s second grade class for collecting the data, Grace Langan (5th grade) for crunching the numbers, and Callan Cucchi (5th grade) for creating a bar graph to show the percentage of participants in each grade level. As you can see below, 168 of our 670 students total walked to school which is 25.01% of our school – meeting our goal!
Thank you to everyone at Springdale Park Elementary School that showed their support for safer, healthier, more livable streets by walking to school on International Walk to School Day!


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Captain Planet: Learning Gardens Workshop


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