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An alumna of the University of Georgia, Jenna began her teaching career in 2008 and since then has become one of the leading proponents (and providers) of increasing environmental education resources in Atlanta, earning her the EPA’s Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators. At present, she leads workshops around the state and country with partner organizations including FoodCorp, Georgia Organics, Life Lab, and the Captain Planet Foundation. She also plays a large role in the curriculum development for Atlanta Public Schools, her pilot school being a school-based rooftop gardening program that has garnered local and national press coverage, as well as numerous grants and awards.



Past Presentations

What Others are Saying

4.5 overall presenter rating from NE Georgia Farm to School Workshop (09/2015)

4.95 overall presenter rating from Georgia Organics Farm to School Workshop (10/2015)

4.85 overall presenter rating from Hampton Elementary Charter School Training (01/2016)

“The interdisciplinary approach is amazing.”

“Teaching healthy eating habits and creating an open mindedness toward new foods can be life changing for some students.”

“I thought the workshop was amazing.”

“Lots of fun! Thanks so much.”

“[Jenna] is inspiring!”

“I really enjoyed it. I’d love to have videos of Jenna’s lessons. You can’t write down everything!”

“I loved the cross curricular connections.”

“I enjoyed all of the great ideas of how to incorporate Farm to School into the classroom. It was a great day filled with fun events, great ideas, and wonderful people.”

“I learned that there are many ways to make this program an integral part of the classroom (eating healthy through learning) and I loved all of the resources that we were given in order to do this.”

“It was an informative workshop. I would definitely recommend this to my peers in the future.”

“[Jenna] was informed, friendly, and a great teacher.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed Jenna’s upbeat, positive spirit!”


“Practical lessons for the classroom, the presenter was well experienced in the field.”

“[Jenna] was very warm and very inviting with many of her ideas.”

“What I liked most about the workshop was the speaker!”

“I like the hands on, quick pace, interaction in groups, and the friendly informed presenter.”

“I loved the way we were taught as if we were the students and also had time to collaborate as educators! The lessons were awesome and a great way to teach us what we could do in our classrooms!”

“I learned about a wide array of lessons that can be taught through the use of an edible school garden. I also learned that I could start small, even with a small pot of plants in my classroom if that was all I could do. I really liked that I could do what works for me and still be doing the Farm to School thing.”

“Thank you so much for all that you are doing!!! Keep fighting the good fight!!!”

“I loved seeing examples of lessons that can be used to hit on our standards in a real, applicable way.”

“The training was awesome!!! I really appreciated the way the whole thing was presented in a take-what-you-like and do-your-best kind of way.”



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