Tomatoes: Literacy Activities

Tomato to Ketchup Step-by-Step (Grades K-2) Read “Tomatoes to Ketchup (Rookie Read-About Science)” by Lisa M. Herrington and/or watch “How Ketchup is Made.” Make your own tomato paste or make your own ketchup. Create a recipe card with step-by-step instructions to share with friends and family.  Ingredients 1 cup tomato paste (270 g) 4 tbsp…

Tomatoes: Social Studies Activities

The Life of a Tomato: Farm to Table (Grades K-5) Watch “The Life of a Tomato.” Write, draw, or make a video telling the story about a tomato traveling from the farm to your table. Standards: GSE Standard SSKE1 Describe the work that people do such as: police officer, fire fighter, soldier, mail carrier, farmer,…

Tomatoes: Science Activities

Vine and Twine Scavenger Hunt (Grades K-2) Read “Tomatoes Grow on a Vine (How Fruits and Vegetables Grow)” by Mari Schuh. Go on a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood looking for vines – they may be growing up fences, walls, trellises, or other plants. Draw what you find in a journal. Standards: GSE Standard ELAGSE1RI2:…


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