Fall Clean Commute Week

The first week of October is the Clean Air Campaign’s Fall Clean Commute Week.
Where can I learn about Air Quality?
Check our current Air Quality in Atlanta.
What Can We Do at SPARK?
We would like to encourage all students to choose a clean commute to school by:
  • Bus riding
  • Biking or walking
  • Carpooling (with members of another family)
During Environmental Science class that week, students will learn about the benefits of clean commuting for improved air quality and will create a graph answering the question, “How Clean is Our Commute?” The classes with the cleanest commute will earn a 40 minute yoga session in the garden with Ms. Mobley to breathe and enjoy the fresh air they helped protect.
Thursday of that week is International Walk to School Day! Every student that walks to school on Thursday will have their name on the Clean Commute Hall of Fame that will be posted in the cafeteria. We would like to encourage all students to get together with their neighbors and friends to enjoy their walk to school that morning.

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