*Special* Dine Out at Murphy’s

I’m excited to announce that we raised $1,740 for our garden program through our Dine Out at Murphy’s Restaurant  in Virginia Highland! We can not thank Chef Ian enough for inviting us to bring some of the leafy greens out of our rooftop garden for him to include in his menu on Monday, October 22nd. Murphy’s also generously offered to donate 20% of the proceeds from the entire day to Schoolyard Sprouts, the organization that funds most of the garden projects at Springdale Park.

Throughout the season, the kids have been actively involved in the planting and care of these plants and we were so excited to celebrate this connection to their earth through the harvesting and enjoying of the greens.

See the article about our event in the Atlanta Journal Constitution here.

That morning, we harvested some of the leafy greens from the rooftop and then we delivered them to Murphy’s. Chef Ian was very impressed with the quality of the greens the kids grew!

We had a huge turn out at Murphy’s that night! It was so rewarding to see kids who “didn’t like salad” try the greens that they worked so hard to grow and actually enjoy them – sometimes even clean their plate!

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