Trees Atlanta: Upcoming Visits

Lauren from Trees Atlanta will be coming back to Springdale Park in the spring to lead monthly lessons with our 3rd grade students!

Our 3rd graders learned so much when she came in the fall to teach them about the trees on our campus and why they are so important. Check out photos from her last visit here.

For this series of lessons, students will be selecting one tree on our campus to “adopt.” Each month, Lauren will come to visit and lead an activity where students will learn something new about their tree – examine the leaves, identify the name, take measurements, etc. Students will record their findings in their nature journals. This will be a great time of year to observe trees as they come to life in the spring – we can’t wait for her visit!

We would love for any friends or families to come visit during these special activities. She will be visiting on the following dates: February 26/27, March 12/13, April 16/17, May 7/8. The times for the specific third grade classes can be found on our Volunteer page.



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