Home-School Connection: Recycling

I love to see my kids sorting their trash and recycling at home as well as at school!

Check this link for more information on City of Atlanta recycling for residential homes:


At home (just like at school), you can recycle:


  • All paper products (except boxes/paper with food contamination)
  • Shredded paper in a clear plastic bag
  • NO paper towels or tissues


  • All bottles and jars (rinse, remove the lids)


  • Aluminum cans, steel (tin) cans, aerosol cans. NO metal hangers/wires.


  • All hard plastic food containers and plastic bottles #1-7 (please rinse)
  • NO plastic bags, NO hoses or wires, NO plastic pipes, NO plastic furniture, NO styrofoam


  • Broken down or cut to fit in the bin. Keep it dry. NO Styrofoam



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