#GrowYourOwn Photo Competition

All SPARK students are invited to participate in the #GrowYourOwn Photo Competition!

To enter, email Ms. Mobley (jennasmobley@gmail.com) a photo of the student with an edible plant that they are growing at home!

Plants can be grown outdoor in a garden or indoors on a windowsill. You could grow herbs, fruits, or vegetables. They do not have to be ready to harvest in the picture, as long as they are growing!

All participants will be entered to win a ticket to the exclusive End of the Year Harvest Party on the rooftop garden in which students will receive produce bags to fill up with any harvest they would like from the rooftop garden to take home to share with their friends and family!

Photos are due on Friday, May 16! (Siblings may send in one entry together – Each student in the photo will be entered into the contest individually).



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