Calling for Sponsors for SPARK’s Compost Program

Starting on the first day of the second semester, Springdale Park students will begin sorting their trash in the cafeteria to reduce the waste they are contributing to the landfill. All food scraps and lunch trays will be set aside in a 32-gallon rolling bin. That bin will then be picked up by Compost Wheels once a week and Compost Wheels will compost our food scraps for us offsite. They can ensure that 100% of our food scraps are composted into useable soil rather than our program being limited by the capacity of our space and resources at the school. Within our existing program, we are unable to compost the lunch trays at school so they can provide that service as well. Compost Wheels delivers the compost back to the school so that would cut down in our costs of maintaining our garden and show the kids exactly how we are closing the loop and creating less waste by using our “trash” to turn into “treasure.”

Compost Wheels is an Atlanta-based company, founded by David Paull. David spent some time at SPARK educating our kids on the benefits of composting. See the photos and activities here: A Visit from Compost Wheels. He has also been a speaker at Family Science Night for the past few years!


This service with Compost Wheels is $27.00/week for a 32 gallon bin, picked up once each week. We are looking for sponsors to fund each week of the school year – We have approximately 27 weeks left of school. To donate, please go to (and fill in “Mobley” under “Teacher Name” so the funds can be allocated appropriately). Thank you for supporting our compost program at Springdale Park!




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