EPA’s Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators

I can not express enough gratitude for everyone that helped me complete my application for the EPA’s Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators. This application included many different components:



I completed essays on the topics of Innovation, Achievement, Service to the Community and Underserved Populations, Leadership, and Integration as they relate to my Environmental Education programming at Springdale Park. They can be viewed here.

Parent Surveys

I collected responses from our parent community on nine specific questions assessing the knowledge transfer from home to school. See the complete results here.

Sample Teaching Materials

For my sample teaching materials, I chose my most recent 3rd grade unit that focuses around the science standard: “S3L2. Students will recognize the effects of pollution and humans on the environment.” This unit included lessons that integrate math, engineering, writing, and art as well as connecting to current events and to action in the community. The narrative unit plan and photos from this unit can be viewed here.

Letters of Support 

I was so grateful to receive a letter of support from a current student (Parker Pape), a Kindergarten teacher (Elizabeth Hobbs), a 1st grade teacher (Shenise White), a 2nd grade teacher (Susie Fellows), and my assistant principal (Ashley Adamo). Each of their letters can be viewed by clicking on their names.


Thank you again to everyone that helped me complete this application process for such a prestigious award!


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