Wylde Center Field Trip to the Edgewood Garden

I had the opportunity to go on a field trip to the Wylde Center‘s Edgewood Community Learning Garden with Whitefoord Elementary students. The environment was so rich with things to do and see. Here are some highlights from our adventure.

2015-10-15 Wylde Center 41

First, we visited the garden with Mr. Derek. We explored the beds looking for familiar plants. We identified many greens like chard and kale. 2015-10-15 Wylde Center 1

We picked some spicy salad greens to harvest out of the garden and taste. 2015-10-15 Wylde Center 372015-10-15 Wylde Center 17

We found some carrots still growing, not quite ready for harvesting – but we were excited to see them since this month we’re Rooting for Carrots with Georgia Organics for National Farm to School Month.2015-10-15 Wylde Center 15

We also searched for some radishes, looking for them peeking out of the soil…
2015-10-15 Wylde Center 14

And found some – each a different color! 2015-10-15 Wylde Center 13

Some of us tasted the spicy radishes… and most of us even liked them! 2015-10-15 Wylde Center 16Next, we enjoyed smelling some herbs that we found in the garden – like holy basil, which has medicinal qualities.
2015-10-15 Wylde Center 18
2015-10-15 Wylde Center 20

Finally, it was time to harvest and taste some sweet peppers. 2015-10-15 Wylde Center 2

We loved looking for the ripe, yellow peppers amongst the green, red, and sometimes orange (like a pumpkin)! 2015-10-15 Wylde Center 21

Mr. Derek helped us slice them up and we each got to try a piece.
2015-10-15 Wylde Center 222015-10-15 Wylde Center 62015-10-15 Wylde Center 23

2015-10-15 Wylde Center 242015-10-15 Wylde Center 252015-10-15 Wylde Center 262015-10-15 Wylde Center 27 2015-10-15 Wylde Center 3 2015-10-15 Wylde Center 4 2015-10-15 Wylde Center 5

After that, we went to visit Ms. Lauren with the honeybees…

2015-10-15 Wylde Center 282015-10-15 Wylde Center 12

And the chickens!2015-10-15 Wylde Center 292015-10-15 Wylde Center 102015-10-15 Wylde Center 72015-10-15 Wylde Center 36

We learned about how the chickens lay eggs…2015-10-15 Wylde Center 34

And we used magnifying glasses to learn about their different types of feathers. 
2015-10-15 Wylde Center 11
2015-10-15 Wylde Center 33

Last, we visited Ms. Allison where we learned about types of soil and the stages of compost. We also got to meet these wiggly worms!
2015-10-15 Wylde Center 39 2015-10-15 Wylde Center 40

We were so excited to learn that the Edgewood Community Learning Garden is open to the public all the time – I can’t wait to stop back by and see the chickens and have a picnic in the garden!2015-10-15 Wylde Center 9


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