Seasonal Garden: October 4, 2016

The weather has finally started to cool down and it is time to start planting our fall garden! So far, we have planted sugar snap peas, cauliflower, chard, lettuce, and varieties of kale. Thank you to the Wylde Center for providing us with strong seedlings for our garden!
2016-09-26-spark-082016-09-26-spark-152016-10-05-spark-842a8483 2016-10-05-spark-842a8481 2016-10-05-spark-842a8480 2016-10-05-spark-842a8465 2016-09-26-spark-34 2016-09-26-spark-33 2016-09-26-spark-32 2016-09-26-spark-30 2016-09-26-spark-272016-09-26-spark-28 2016-09-26-spark-26 2016-09-26-spark-162016-09-26-spark-17


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