Honeybees: May 7, 2015

This was the last photo I took before I witnessed our 7,000 honeybees swarm yesterday afternoon. It was easily the most incredible force of nature I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. My 4th and 5th graders stood in complete awe for over an hour as they all swarmed above our heads on the #rooftopgardenContinue reading “Honeybees: May 7, 2015”

Honeybees: April 17, 2015

Our bees have produced about 10 quarts of honey! It’s almost harvest time! Beekeeper Jon said he’ll need to harvest the honey offset because it gets REALLY messy but we’re hoping to tag along to get some photos. Start collecting your jars and we’ll have a student art contest for the labels soon too! HisContinue reading “Honeybees: April 17, 2015”

Home-School Connection: Bees and Wasps

Brennan found some ground bees living in her neighborhood! Ground bees become active in early spring (right around now!) and dig their nests in the ground. They are similar to our honeybees in that they are beneficial pollinators that rarely sting. They are different from our honeybees because they are solitary bees (even though itContinue reading “Home-School Connection: Bees and Wasps”