Edible Schoolyard Berkeley: Garden Teaching Techniques

In a recent visit to the Edible Schoolyard Berkeley, I couldn’t help but focusing in on these interesting little creatures we call middle school students but the teachers captured much of my attention as well. They had some incredible teaching techniques that were embedded into their every word and every step that undoubtedly set theContinue reading “Edible Schoolyard Berkeley: Garden Teaching Techniques”

Essential Teaching Tools: Cutters, Choppers, Slicers

Tools for kids to use to cut, chop, and slice their veggies out of the garden have been essential in our kitchen classroom. For starters, students do great just tearing or breaking veggies in half with their hands. Also, just scissors work great! $10.99 at Amazon.com (click image for link) To start working on knifeContinue reading “Essential Teaching Tools: Cutters, Choppers, Slicers”