Trees Atlanta: Summer Opportunities

Saturday, June 21st / 9AM – 12PM Carter Center Pollinator Garden Planting with Mr. Alex from Trees Atlanta Attention plant and pollinator lovers: Please join us June 21st, 2014, from 9:00 am-noon to installing and a native pollinator garden at The Carter Center. This is a fantastic opportunity not only give back to President Carter, but to assist our pollinatorContinue reading “Trees Atlanta: Summer Opportunities”

Trees Atlanta: Adopt a Tree Program

This year, Lauren from Trees Atlanta will be back to work with our third grade students again! For this series of lessons, students will be selecting one tree on our campus to “adopt.” Each month, Lauren will come to visit and lead an activity where students will learn something new about their tree – examineContinue reading “Trees Atlanta: Adopt a Tree Program”

Trees Atlanta: Upcoming Visits

Lauren from Trees Atlanta will be coming back to Springdale Park in the spring to lead monthly lessons with our 3rd grade students! Our 3rd graders learned so much when she came in the fall to teach them about the trees on our campus and why they are so important. Check out photos from herContinue reading “Trees Atlanta: Upcoming Visits”

Trees Atlanta: December Visit

We were so fortunate to have Lauren Sandoval, the Education Coordinator from Trees Atlanta, out to visit and teach our kids about the trees that are on our campus. We learned some of the reasons why trees are important then created posters with leaf rubbings to display the reasons. Some of our students’ work wasContinue reading “Trees Atlanta: December Visit”