The No-Waste Lunch

This week we discussed small changes we can make at school that can make a big difference in our environment!

One idea was the “No-Waste Lunchbox.” Check out the picture below of Lunch #1:

The SPARK kid would drink their orange juice, then throw away the carton… eat their sandwich, then throw away the baggie… eat their chips, then throw away the wrapper… eat their yogurt, then throw away the container… eat their apple, then compost the core. That’s a lot of trash from one kid! Now imagine if each of our over 500 students, threw away that much trash – It adds up!

Now check out Lunch #2:

This SPARK kid wouldn’t have ANY trash if they ate all of their lunch! They’d drink out of their reusable water bottle then fill it up over and over and over again without ever throwing anything away. They’d eat their food out of a container that they could use over and over and over again without ever throwing anything away. They may have some food scraps (remember only fruit and veggie scraps in the compost, the rest in the trash) but otherwise that is it!

This week, I challenged our SPARK students and staff to pack a “No-Waste Lunch” or a “No-Waste Snack.”

All of the photo submissions of the No Waste Lunches displayed in the cafeteria!


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