Great Feedback from the First 2 Weeks!

We have received great feedback on our brand new Environmental Education program at Springdale Park!

This year every Kindergarten – 3rd grade student will receive 45 minutes of Environmental Education each week during their Specials Rotation. Our curriculum reinforces the Georgia Performance Science Standards and consistently integrates Common Core Math and Reading Standards. It also draws from the Guidelines for Learning by The North American Association for Environmental Education. A variety of resources are used to create lessons that focus around these standards. As we continue to build our lessons, we will publish some of these materials on this site.

In addition to Environmental Education classes, each Kindergarten – 3rd grade student will receive two 3-lesson health units throughout the year. These two units will meet the objectives outlined by the Georgia Performance Health Standards.

Fourth and fifth grade students have the opportunity to serve as Student Wellness Ambassadors during their Specials Rotation. They will promote our Produce of the Month program each month as well work with Chef Andrew of Atkins Park to create videos demonstrating how to cook nutritious meals with local, seasonal produce.

I was thrilled to see that Ms. Badger’s Kindergarten class had been enjoying their time in the garden!20120822-140812.jpg

The parent feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as well! Parental support is essential to any successful school program so I was thrilled to receive these emails.





The lessons the kids are learning in their Environmental Education class are being discussed at home and the goals the kids set for themselves are being carried out with the entire family. This full community involvement is how a movement begins!


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