The Switch Witch (Guest Blogger: Mindy Mailman)

“The Switch Witch” is a poem submitted by Mindy Mailman to encourage kids to pick a couple of their Halloween treats to keep after the festivities. Then children can leave the rest of their treats outside their door for the Switch Witch to take but don’t worry “She’ll give her thanks by leaving a prize, that doesn’t harm teeth and brings joy to young eyes.”


Listen up children. You must hear the news!
The Switch Witch is back and has something for you.
“Switch Witch,” you say. “What is that? Who is she?”
Well, sit quiet a moment, I’ll tell you her story.

A very odd witch, she was born with no teeth.
Yet, all she can eat is candy and treats.
Good things to eat- that help a body grow,
They make this witch sick. To the doctor she goes.

She wishes to eat healthy food- just like you.
But every time she tries, this witch gets the flu.

So what does she do to get what she needs?
She comes to your house in hopes that you’ll leave.
CANDY and TREATS from your Halloween night,
Waiting for her by the pumpkin light.

She’ll take all your goodies- and then make a SWITCH.
Leaving something for you – That clever witch!

Her magic takes her across the world.
Protecting the teeth of boys and girls.
For children can’t possibly eat all the sweets,
That land in their bucket with “Trick or Treat!”

And that’s the story of Willamina the Witch
Who keeps herself healthy by making a switch.

She’ll give her thanks by leaving a prize.
It doesn’t harm teeth and brings joy to young eyes.
Think it through carefully. Don’t be afraid.
This witch really needs you to make her a trade.

So this Halloween – Believe and collect!
Lot’s of sweet treats for the Switch Witch to get.
She’ll be healthy and grateful and I bet you will too.
Thankful teeth, happy parents, and a present JUST FOR YOU!


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