Healthy Holidays: Halloween

Ms. Gulledge’s 1st grade class celebrated Halloween with healthy snacks this year! They made broomsticks using pretzels, string cheese, and chives… And ate banana ghosts! They also got an extra dose of Vitamin C (important during this cold season!) but eating oranges disguised as pumpkins! Students had a lot of fun with their healthy snacksContinue reading “Healthy Holidays: Halloween”

Massaged Kale Salad with Sweet Lemon Dressing

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day this week with one of our favorite greens – Kale! We tasted green kale, red kale, and dinosaur kale (lacinato kale) then made a massaged kale salad, served with one of our favorite dressings to make (lemon, honey, olive oil, and pepper), and topped with pumpkin seeds. Wasn’t too longContinue reading “Massaged Kale Salad with Sweet Lemon Dressing”

Green Eggs for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!

Today we celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by making greens eggs (blending spinach and eggs before scrambling)! We also read the Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham” to encourage kids to try new things!  Of course, our green team helped us compost all of our eggs shells and paper plates when we were done!Continue reading “Green Eggs for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!”

Family Day for Thanksgiving Lunch

This Thursday, November 20th the SPARK cafeteria will have their annual Family Day for Thanksgiving Lunch. The menu this year includes… Roasted Turkey Cranberry Sauce Broccoli Cheese and Rice Casserole Cornbread Dressing Sweet Potato Souffle Southern Style Collard Greens Baked Spiced Peaches Freshly Baked Rolls The fall harvest items on this menu are incredibly nutrientContinue reading “Family Day for Thanksgiving Lunch”

The Switch Witch Visits SPARK!

On the Monday after Halloween, the Switch Witch visited Springdale Park for the first time! Students were invited to bring their leftover candy from Trick or Treating so the Switch Witch could exchange it for a book from her library. Throughout the school, 201 students brought their candy to the Switch Witch for a total ofContinue reading “The Switch Witch Visits SPARK!”

Healthy Holiday Challenge!

Valentine’s Day is next week! We’re looking forward to seeing how our creative SPARK kids will show their friends that they care about them in healthy ways. For ideas, see the photos from last year here. Also, check out our Sugar Stacks lesson from Halloween to review what we learned about sugar to make informed choicesContinue reading “Healthy Holiday Challenge!”

Tasting: Pumpkin!

To celebrate the Halloween season, we read some of our favorite fiction and non-fiction books about pumpkins. Then, we  made pumpkin smoothies! Pumpkin has many health benefits! Pumpkins contain about 200% of your daily Vitamin A and keep your eyesight sharp. Pumpkins contain about 20% of your daily Vitamin C which can boost your immuneContinue reading “Tasting: Pumpkin!”