Healthy Halloween: Sugar Stacks!

This week, we learned how to find the information we need to make informed decisions about our sugar intake. This lesson was inspired by this ad: This ad was a great reminder that we all love sweets and treats – we should just make an effort to enjoy sweets in moderation. First, students examined theContinue reading “Healthy Halloween: Sugar Stacks!”

Healthy Holiday Challenge

I was so impressed by the healthy treats and homemade valentines our kids made to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Ms. Nossokoff’s third graders made their own fruit kebobs featuring their favorite red fruits like strawberries and raspberries. They also had frozen yogurt hearts! In Ms. Nossokoff’s class, Katya made homemade heart pendants out of clay forContinue reading “Healthy Holiday Challenge”

Thanksgiving Lunch in the Cafeteria

We loved having everyone’s friends, families, and neighbors join us for our Family Day for Thanksgiving! The menu included… Home-style Turkey Cornbread Dressing Garden Cheese Salad w/ Chickpeas Locally-grown Baked Sweet Potatoes Locally-grown Radishes (Our Produce of the Month for November!) Locally-grown Collard Greens Locally-grown Fresh Apples (Click here to see to see the previousContinue reading “Thanksgiving Lunch in the Cafeteria”

Healthy Halloween Celebrations

I was so impressed to see the healthy Halloween celebrations that were going on throughout the school! Ms. Hobbs’ students were enjoying some seasonal favorites – apple slices and pumpkin bread. Ms. Damian’s class made Toast Ghosts using toast and a cookie cutter. Then they spread cream cheese on top and used dried cranberries forContinue reading “Healthy Halloween Celebrations”

The Switch Witch (Guest Blogger: Mindy Mailman)

“The Switch Witch” is a poem submitted by Mindy Mailman to encourage kids to pick a couple of their Halloween treats to keep after the festivities. Then children can leave the rest of their treats outside their door for the Switch Witch to take but don’t worry “She’ll give her thanks by leaving a prize,Continue reading “The Switch Witch (Guest Blogger: Mindy Mailman)”