Healthy Holiday Challenge

I was so impressed by the healthy treats and homemade valentines our kids made to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Ms. Nossokoff’s third graders made their own fruit kebobs featuring their favorite red fruits like strawberries and raspberries.

Valentines 006

Valentines 008

Valentines 005

They also had frozen yogurt hearts!

Valentines 013

In Ms. Nossokoff’s class, Katya made homemade heart pendants out of clay for each of her classmates and teachers. So sweet!

Valentines 001

William in Ms. Nossokoff’s class gave his friends toy dinosaurs for Valentine’s Day.

VD 3

Ms. Mailman’s first grade class shared red fruits and whipped cream to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Valentines 002

Valentines 003

Ms. Hobbs’ kindergarten class made their own trail mix that included dried cranberries for a pop of color!

Valentines 004

Caroline in Ms. Hobbs’ class gave her friends apples for Valentine’s Day!

VD 1

Dr. Naman’s third grade class had tons of healthy treats to choose from including popcorn, oranges, strawberries, and grapes.

Valentines 010

Harrison in Ms. White’s class gave his friends oranges for Valentine’s Day!

VD Harrison

A future SPARK kid, Graham from Morningside First Presbyterian Preschool, sent us his idea – applesauce packs for his class!

VD 2



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