The Switch Witch Visits SPARK!


On the Monday after Halloween, the Switch Witch visited Springdale Park for the first time! Students were invited to bring their leftover candy from Trick or Treating so the Switch Witch could exchange it for a book from her library. Throughout the school, 201 students brought their candy to the Switch Witch for a total of 180 pounds or an estimated 11,025 pieces of candy.

This was an effort to encourage our students to enjoy their Halloween candy in moderation (as an application of what they learned during our annual Sugar Stacks lesson). Students calculated that this year we saved about 110,250 grams of sugar from our SPARK kids’ tummies! We are so proud of all of the students that made a healthy choice this holiday season!

Please take our survey to tell us what you thought of the Switch Witch’s first visit to Springdale Park:


IMG_2865 IMG_2869

Switch Witch

(Written and Adapted by the 5th Grade SWAs) 

Have you heard about the Switch Witch? She wears a crooked hat.

She’s on the hunt for extra treats to feed her naughty cat.

Halloween is tons of fun with costumes, tricks, and treats.

But then November comes, and there’s still lots of candy sweets.


For healthy, growing children shouldn’t eat ALL the sweets,

That land in their bucket when they say “Trick or Treat!”

So after Halloween, kids, enjoy a day or two,

And then put in a bucket, candy to give when you are through.


On Monday, at Springdale Park, the Switch Witch will drop in,

To visit all the students, that are learning there within.

She’ll take the leftover sweets – and then she’ll make a SWITCH.

Giving something else to the kids – That generous, clever witch!


So this Halloween – Believe and collect!

Lot’s of sweet treats for the Switch Witch to get.

She’ll be proud of your healthy choice (and I bet you will too).

Thankful teeth, happy tummies, and a present JUST FOR YOU!


One thought on “The Switch Witch Visits SPARK!

  1. Such a good idea this switch witch! Boys were excited to participate but somehow we still have a lot of candy at home. Next year, we’ll only keep what fits in a cookie jar (another parent suggested this), everything else will go to the Switch Witch.

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