Knife Skills Class with IRC at Clarkston High School

The International Rescue Committee hosts a Garden Club at Clarkston High School each week. This week, I was invited to lead a knife skills class. We focused on cool weather crops that are becoming seasonal this time of year. We first worked with leafy greens like a kale. We discussed that the texture of theContinue reading “Knife Skills Class with IRC at Clarkston High School”

Healthy Holidays: Halloween

Ms. Gulledge’s 1st grade class celebrated Halloween with healthy snacks this year! They made broomsticks using pretzels, string cheese, and chives… And ate banana ghosts! They also got an extra dose of Vitamin C (important during this cold season!) but eating oranges disguised as pumpkins! Students had a lot of fun with their healthy snacksContinue reading “Healthy Holidays: Halloween”