Produce of the Month: Peaches

The produce of the month for August is peaches! Our fourth and fifth graders did some research on peaches and found tons of interesting facts. They created a display in the cafeteria for everyone to view on our Produce of the Month Family Day. I organized all of the information they gathered into posters toContinue reading “Produce of the Month: Peaches”

Produce of the Month: GA Carrots

Our fresh carrots are from the Bolthouse FarmsĀ in Lake Park, Georgia. The Bolthouse Family began vegetable farming in 1915 in western Michigan. Now they grow all of over the country, including Lake Park Georgia where they grow and harvest fresh carrots. Bolthouse Farms is one of the largest carrot operations in the world. The carrotContinue reading “Produce of the Month: GA Carrots”

Produce of the Month: FL Oranges

Our fresh oranges are from the Haines City Citrus Growers Association in Haines City, Florida. The agricultural cooperative was founded by six local citrus growers in 1909. They are a full service cooperative, offering its members complete grove care, harvesting, fresh fruit packing, and marketing. The sweet orange is the most commonly grown tree fruitContinue reading “Produce of the Month: FL Oranges”

Produce of the Month: NC Sweet Potatoes

Our fresh sweet potatoes are from Nash ProduceĀ in Nashville, North Carolina. In 33 years, since being founded by Dale C. Bone in 1977, this farm has become one of the largest cucumber and sweet potato processing facilities in the United States. It’s prime location along with a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service makesContinue reading “Produce of the Month: NC Sweet Potatoes”

Produce of the Month: FL Radishes

Our fresh radishes are from Duda & Sons Family Farm in Oviedo, Florida. The founder of the farm, Andrew Duda, purchased the first fourty acres in the early 1900s. It has now expanded to nearly 90,000 acres owned or leased by the company in several states across the country and is in its fifth generationContinue reading “Produce of the Month: FL Radishes”

Produce of the Month: GA Collard Greens

Our fresh collard greens are from the Coastal Georgia Small Farmers Cooperative. This small group of minority farmers works together as a unified operation to enhance and sustain the heritage of the small African American farmer in Georgia. They were established in 1998 and have been operating and expanding since the fall of 1999. TheContinue reading “Produce of the Month: GA Collard Greens”

Produce of the Month: GA Gala Apples

Our fresh gala apples are from Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, Georgia. It has been a family owned and operated apple orchard since 1943 and they are now celebrating 65 years of fruitful harvests. Bill Mercier knows that sunshine, rainfall, cold nights, and the good soil of the Georgia mountains produces sweet, tart, juicy apples.Continue reading “Produce of the Month: GA Gala Apples”

Produce of the Month: NC Cabbage

Our fresh cabbage is from Hollar & Greene Produce Company in Boone, North Carolina. Cabbage is nutrient rich, very low calorie, and fat free. Cabbage is also a good source of Vitamin A, C, & E. These vitamins can boost the immune system, fight bacteria, and improve your complexion by reducing the signs of agingContinue reading “Produce of the Month: NC Cabbage”