SPARK Taste Test: March 7

On Monday at Springdale Park, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders participated in a taste test of four different radish varieties with the help of Vanderbilt University’s Alternative Spring Break program. Students tasted red radishes… Daikon radishes (which they all though were white carrots or parsnips)… Watermelon radishes (the crowd favorite)… Along with black radishes (which tookContinue reading “SPARK Taste Test: March 7”

Recipe: Beet Spread

We were so excited that Mr. Bang and Ms. Miranda (Food Corps Service Members working with Captain Planet Foundation) came to visit today… and brought some new recipes with them! They brought some golden beets with them and taught us how to turn them into a healthy spread for a cracker. First, we peeled and cutContinue reading “Recipe: Beet Spread”