Recipe: Beet Spread

We were so excited that Mr. Bang and Ms. Miranda (Food Corps Service Members working with Captain Planet Foundation) came to visit today… and brought some new recipes with them! They brought some golden beets with them and taught us how to turn them into a healthy spread for a cracker.

First, we peeled and cut the beets into bite-size pieces.

2015-12-14 SPARK 10 2015-12-14 SPARK 11 2015-12-14 SPARK 12

To cut the beets, we used our wavy cutters which created a neat texture (a regular knife works just fine though)!

2015-12-14 SPARK 14

We steamed the beets until they were soft, then we put them inside of our hand-powered food chopper to bring them to the consistency of a spread. Students brainstormed how they could complete this task if they don’t have this tool at home and they came up with many great ideas – like using a knife, a potato masher, a meat cleaver, or a sword 🙂

2015-12-14 SPARK 15

Lastly, we added lemon, salt, and pepper for taste.

2015-12-14 SPARK 13

The spread was not only beautiful but delicious too!

2015-12-14 SPARK 16



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