Georgia Gives Day on Giving Tuesday

Please join me in donating to local Georgia non-profits today on Georgia Gives Day / Giving Tuesday! Here are the organizations I donated to today: Community Farmers Markets develops and strengthens Atlanta farmers markets for long term sustainability and meaningful community impact, with a focus on building a stronger local food system. To see moreContinue reading “Georgia Gives Day on Giving Tuesday”

Recipe: Beet Spread

We were so excited that Mr. Bang and Ms. Miranda (Food Corps Service Members working with Captain Planet Foundation) came to visit today… and brought some new recipes with them! They brought some golden beets with them and taught us how to turn them into a healthy spread for a cracker. First, we peeled and cutContinue reading “Recipe: Beet Spread”

Recipe: Cauliflower Soup

Today, we had a visit from Mr. Bang and Ms. Miranda, Food Corps Service Members working with the Captain Planet Foundation. They taught us how to make cauliflower soup! First, we diced one whole onion. We used our handy (and safe) hand-powered food chopper but at home, you could simply use a knife (with adult supervision, ofContinue reading “Recipe: Cauliflower Soup”