Healthy Resolutions

With the new year beginning, it is a great time to start thinking about new goals to become even healthier students!

Today, we worked on Strand 6 of the Georgia Performance Health Standards that states that students will demonstrate the ability to use goal-setting to identify, apply, and maintain health-enhancing behaviors.

We used the SMART model for effective goal setting.

smart goal setting concept

We started our brainstorming around four main topics of health: eating well, being active, keeping clean, and caring for our teeth. We read these books to give us some ideas:


Then we discussed choosing SPECIFIC goals that were RELEVANT to these health topics. In their journals, they stated their goals:

“I will __________.”

Next we discussed that we were going to keep a weekly checklist for our MEASUREABLE and TIME-BOUND goals so they added how often they would like to complete their task each week:

“I will __________ # times a week.”

They checked with their neighbors to ensure that they were ATTAINABLE – not too hard that it can be completed, but not so easy that it isn’t challenging.


For the next three weeks, students will be collecting data to see how often they complete their goal each week. They will have the opportunity to share their successes on the school announcements as well as on the school website. We’re looking forward to becoming even healthier students in 2013!



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