Upcoming Project: Outdoor Kitchen Sink

An outdoor kitchen sink would be a great addition to our rooftop garden! My idea is that we could use a recycled sink, build a stand for it, and simply use our existing hose to provide water. The benefit would be draining the excess water straight down into a bucket that could then be reused to water our plants.

This would be perfect for rinsing the vegetables we harvest before our tastings and rinsing our hands at the end of class before washing with soap when we return to our homeroom classes.

If anyone has materials, know-how, time, or energy to devote to this project, please let me know!



2 thoughts on “Upcoming Project: Outdoor Kitchen Sink

  1. this is a great idea jenna! you should check out paideia’s sink: it’s basic and can be cheap to make. when you find someone to make this, please let them know there’s other schools that want them 😉

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