Kula Project: Creating Sub-Irrigated Planters with 3rd Grade

Today is World Water Day. Earlier this week, we asked 100 third graders if they thought they could carry a jerry can full of water, and all of them said yes. When they attempted it, most kids could barely lift it. The reality is 800 million people, many children, spend the majority of their days fetching water in these same jerry cans, but it is usually is so dirty that it makes them sick. Kula Project’s goal is to help people grow food with less water, so they don’t have to fetch as much.

waterSarah, from the Kula Project, came to visit our school to show our kids how to make a sub-irrigated planter. This method of planting is just one of the methods the Kula Project teaches internationally to help farmers grow food while conserving their water.

First, a plastic water bottle was cut in half and the bottom half was filled with water.

Step 1 0001

Next, we used old t-shirts to make a wick. We made a hole through the cap of the water bottle to stick the wick through.

Step 2 0006 wick1

Then it was time to plant our spinach seedlings in our new planters!

Step 3 0002The kids loved their sub-irrigated planters!

Step 4 0002 Step 4 0003 Step 4 0010 Step 4 0012We can not thank Sarah enough for coming to share her knowledge with our kids at Springdale Park!

I am excited to announce that I will be joining Sarah on a trip to Jamaica over Spring Break to build a vertical gardens for locals such as Ms. Maumpe so that she can grow healthy, nutritious food for her nine children.

jamaicaWe would love your support as we raise money for this trip. You can donate directly to our trip here or we would love for you to join us at our Launch Party on Saturday, March 30th form 2:00 – 5:00 at Tin Roof Cantina. You can find details here.


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