Caoba Farms {Antigua, Guatemala}

Caoba Farms is an innovative farming project in Antigua, Guatemala. We took a tour with one of the farmers, Guillermo, who had worked there for almost ten years.¬†Beyond the educational projects that take place here, the farm produces many of the salad greens for the local restaurants.Drip irrigation systems run throughout the farm which ensuresContinue reading “Caoba Farms {Antigua, Guatemala}”

Kula Project: Creating Sub-Irrigated Planters with 3rd Grade

Today is World Water Day. Earlier this week, we asked 100 third graders if they thought they could carry a jerry can full of water, and all of them said yes. When they attempted it, most kids could barely lift it. The reality is 800 million people, many children, spend the majority of their daysContinue reading “Kula Project: Creating Sub-Irrigated Planters with 3rd Grade”