Caoba Farms {Antigua, Guatemala}

Caoba Farms is an innovative farming project in Antigua, Guatemala. We took a tour with one of the farmers, Guillermo, who had worked there for almost ten years. 2015-12-29 Farm Visit 5Beyond the educational projects that take place here, the farm produces many of the salad greens for the local restaurants.2015-12-29 Farm Visit 3Drip irrigation systems run throughout the farm which ensures the conservation of water and the efficient and consistent watering of plants. They have also started to experiment with full hydroponic systems. 2015-12-29 Farm Visit 4Caoba Farms had a focus on healthy soil which they cultivated themselves through a worm composting system.2015-12-29 Farm Visit 82015-12-29 Farm Visit 9The farm is also home to many ducks and chickens – for soil cultivation and for meat production but also as a natural barrier to keep insects out of the farm. 2015-12-29 Farm Visit 122015-12-29 Farm Visit 10There is an extensive seed-saving and seed-starting program at the farm – many of the practices have been adapted from Mayan traditions. 2015-12-29 Farm Visit 202015-12-29 Farm Visit 212015-12-29 Farm Visit 222015-12-29 Farm Visit 17While growing some ornamentals, Caoba Farms has a focus on edibles. Throughout the farm grew fruits, berries, vegetables, greens, and even edible flowers. 2015-12-29 Farm Visit 132015-12-29 Farm Visit 192015-12-29 Farm Visit 22015-12-29 Farm Visit 142015-12-29 Farm Visit 6The biodiversity that was nurtured at Caoba Farms was incredibly unique to this area. I hope to be back for one of their farmers markets on my next visit!2015-12-29 Farm Visit 162015-12-29 Farm Visit 152015-12-29 Farm Visit 18


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