Garden Update: Herbs!

This week we planted tons of different herbs in the garden! Here’s just a few:

  • Rosemary adds flavor to bread, butter, jam, meat, vegetables and stews.
  • Oregano is a Mediterranean herb that is often used in Greek as well as Mexican cuisine. It goes well with sausage and tomatoes as well as other meats and vegetables.
  • Thyme has a woody stem and small intensely aromatic leaves. It is common in French Cuisine and is used to flavor cheese as well as egg and tomato dishes.
  • Parsley adds freshness to a dish. Its used in dressings and sauces and often as a garnish.
  • Chives are in the onion family and the thin, hollow leaves are a great addition to egg and potato dishes.
  • Bay leaves are often added soup and stew and add to the flavor of meat and fish.
  • Sage is a strong herb so use sparingly. It serves as flavoring for cheese, fish, and it is often used to season pickles.

We can’t wait to use these herbs in our cooking lessons!



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