Math Lesson: Measuring with Seed Tapes

Making seed tapes is a great way to review measurement standards with kids.

  1. Tear newspaper form top to bottom in 1-inch-wide strips (avoid pages with color). Label your strip with the name of the seed you will plant.
  2. Review the seed packet to decide how far apart seeds should be placed. Make a mark on one end of the newspaper strip then use a ruler to measure to the next mark depending on how far apart seeds should be placed. Continue down the rest of the strip.
  3. Create a paste by mixing flour and water to the consistency of thick gravy. Add a dot of paste to each mark on the newspaper strip.
  4. Place a seed on each paste dot.
  5. Let the glue dry then roll up the strips until you are ready to plant.

20130915-103642.jpgWhen you are ready to plant, unroll the seed tapes and place them in rows covering them a fine soil to the recommended depth.



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