Tasting: Lettuce

The kids loved tasting lettuce this week!

Before our tasting, we read the book “Lettuce Grows on the Ground” and learned a little bit more about lettuce: Lettuce_Fact Sheet. We also made our Dill Dressing together as a class for us to taste with.

Ms. Mailman’s first grade class tried three types of lettuce (iceberg, romaine, and red lettuce) and picked their favorites:


Students in the upper grades collected data from their class to determine what percentage of their classmates loved lettuce, thought it was okay, and didn’t care for it.


Then, they went a step further to collect data on their classmates showing how much they liked lettuce on a scale from 1 to 10. They showed their data on a scatter plot and then drew conclusions. 20131102-112859.jpgThis data lesson was a part of Georgia Organic‘s “Lettuce Try It” series. You can see the lesson plan here.


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