National Farm to Cafeteria Conference

I’m excited to be in Austin, Texas for the National Farm to Cafeteria Conference this week!


Today, we’re visiting Farm to School programs throughout the city.

First stop – S.F. Austin High School. School garden led by the Spanish teacher and a Garden Club that meets weekly before school. 8 teachers participate in their CSA and receive produce from the garden weekly for $30/season.


Next Stop – Manor High School. Culinary Arts program that teaches food literacy and prepares students for food service careers.


Next stop – Travis High School. Extensive culinary arts program, outdoor classroom, and courtyard garden with fish pond and worm composting!


Last stop of the day – Rawston Saunders School. Meet Jeremy Barnwell, a kindred spirit and the chef, farmer, owner of Barnison. He serves over one hundred kids fresh, local, organic meals daily.



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