John Dewey Kitchen Institute: Reflections on Tenants

The John Dewey Kitchen Institute offered ten tenants in a particular order that we explored then discussed as they came up in our approaches to teaching in the kitchen throughout the course. Below I have made an attempt to further synthesize how these tenants resonate with me and will affect my approach to teaching –Continue reading “John Dewey Kitchen Institute: Reflections on Tenants”

John Dewey Kitchen Institute: Reflections on Activities and Conversations

The following is a somewhat random (but nearly sequential) gathering of reflections from the John Dewey Kitchen Institute that I attended at the University of Vermont in June of 2017.   The Experience of Being a Student: The First Day of School  I woke up this morning with the same eager anticipation that I experiencedContinue reading “John Dewey Kitchen Institute: Reflections on Activities and Conversations”

Terra Madre: Day 5

The last day of Terra Madre began with “Around the World in a City Square.” In this class we traveled around the Piazza della Repubblica to visit shops and stands of immigrants from around the world that have now settled in Turin, Italy. Our first stop was at spice shop owned by a woman fromContinue reading “Terra Madre: Day 5”

Terra Madre: Day 4

This morning’s walk down Garibaldi was the sunniest (but quietest) yet. Sundays must start slowly around here. Our first class of the day was a presentation and tasting workshop called “Honey from Around the World.” We heard from beekeepers from Italy, Ethiopia, Brazil, the Philippines, Indonesia, Macedonia, and Japan and had the opportunity to exploreContinue reading “Terra Madre: Day 4”

Terra Madre: Day 3

We started our third day of Terra Madre with the Universita degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche (UNISG) in an Urban Foraging class. Foraging is the ancient practice of gathering wild plants, herbs, minerals, and fungi to eat. We walked around Parco de Valentino all morning exploring the natural edibles. Clover was all over the park –Continue reading “Terra Madre: Day 3”

Terra Madre: Day 2

This morning’s walk to the conference started with a reminder of home – a rooftop garden growing above my head.  When we arrived a Parco del Valentino, we had some time to explore Via Po – it was nice and quiet in the morning. Down by the shores of Via Po, was the Slow FishContinue reading “Terra Madre: Day 2”

Terra Madre: Day 1

The walk to the first day of Terre Madre was filled with anticipation. We walked back down Via Garibaldi into Piazza Castello and then down to Piazza San Carlo (where we found yet another new snail to photograph!). The tents were up and the people were starting to fill the squares. When we arrived atContinue reading “Terra Madre: Day 1”

Terra Madre: Getting Settled in Turin, Italy

After a long night and day of travel, we arrived at our AirBnB and quickly took off to tour the neighborhood. The architecture was stunning, plants were growing wild from the balconies, and the cobblestone streets stretched on endlessly.  Our AirBnB host, Carlo, recommended Cianci for dinner in the neighborhood. We were very impressed byContinue reading “Terra Madre: Getting Settled in Turin, Italy”