Terra Madre: Getting Settled in Turin, Italy

After a long night and day of travel, we arrived at our AirBnB and quickly took off to tour the neighborhood. The architecture was stunning, plants were growing wild from the balconies, and the cobblestone streets stretched on endlessly. 2016-09-20-italy-01 2016-09-20-italy-022016-09-20-italy-08 2016-09-20-italy-03

Our AirBnB host, Carlo, recommended Cianci for dinner in the neighborhood. We were very impressed by the gnocchi – both with the rabbit meat sauce and the vegetable tomato sauce.

2016-09-20-italy-04 2016-09-20-italy-05

Dinner service does not begin here until 7:30 PM at the earliest so we returned home late to rest up for our first full day.

2016-09-20-italy-06 2016-09-20-italy-07

We scheduled a full day in Turino before the conference to get our bearings. We first walked down Garibaldi (our favorite pedestrian street leading from our AirBnB) to Piazza Castello – the city center, where much of the event takes place. We, of course, took selfies in front of the event banner and took pictures of the kale growing in the landscaping.  2016-09-20-italy-09 2016-09-20-italy-10

We then took off to find Parco del Valentino, where the majority of the event would be held. Along the way, we stopped by an art store and to get some gelato to eat for breakfast.

2016-09-20-italy-11 2016-09-20-italy-12

When we arrived at Parco del Valentino, we were excited to pick up on the theme of large snails being placed around the city to represent the presence of Slow Food (we’d spend the next week, trying to catch pictures of all of the snails of all colors around the city). At the park, I got registered, picked up my delegate badge, and my schedule for the week.


Upon leaving the park and heading towards home, we stumbled upon more beautiful buildings and another incredible dinner. We stopped at Osteria Al Tagliere for bread, red wine, a charcuterie plate, and more pasta. Sufficiently nourished for the first full day of conference following.

2016-09-20-italy-15 2016-09-20-italy-18 2016-09-20-italy-20


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