Terra Madre: Day 1

The walk to the first day of Terre Madre was filled with anticipation. We walked back down Via Garibaldi into Piazza Castello and then down to Piazza San Carlo (where we found yet another new snail to photograph!). The tents were up and the people were starting to fill the squares.
2016-09-20-italy-21 2016-09-20-italy-22 2016-09-20-italy-23 2016-09-20-italy-24

When we arrived at Parco del Valentino, we found another snail in front of Castello del Valentino and opted for a photo before our first session of the day. 2016-09-20-italy-25

From Parco del Valentino, we met up with our guides from the Universita degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche (UNISG). They led us down the cobblestone road Via Giuseppe Mazzini until we arrived at La Baita Del Formagg. Here we learned of this 5th generation cheese shop and tasted many different types of cheese, salami, and wine.2016-09-20-italy-27 2016-09-20-italy-28

We then visited Pastificio Sapori and heard of how they prepare the pasta dough and fold each pasta by hand. They gave us three of their different fresh pastas to try with a red wine from the region.
2016-09-20-italy-30 2016-09-20-italy-32 2016-09-20-italy-33

Our last stop was to Farmacia Del Cambio to see the pastry chefs in action as they created a huge array of traditional sweet treats. They also had a beautiful espresso bar and cold brew operation.

2016-09-20-italy-34 2016-09-20-italy-35 2016-09-20-italy-37 2016-09-20-italy-38 2016-09-20-italy-39

With full bellies, we headed back to Parco de Valentino for our United States Gathering where we heard from many incredible speakers including Alice Waters and Carlo Petrini.

2016-09-20-italy-40 2016-09-20-italy-41

On the walk home after a long day, we stumbled upon a Slow Food Presidia event serving gelato. Slow Food Presidia is a project of Slow Food that works to protect food diversity across the world. We celebrated some of the protected local plant varieties by tasting them in gelato that they were making in the streets. We had Toronta Strawberry and Zabaglione made with Strevi Moscato dessert wine (both from the Piedmont region of Italy). 2016-09-20-italy-42 2016-09-20-italy-44

We decided gelato for dinner was just fine after a day of eating and headed home for the evening.



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