Terra Madre: Day 5

The last day of Terra Madre began with “Around the World in a City Square.” In this class we traveled around the Piazza della Repubblica to visit shops and stands of immigrants from around the world that have now settled in Turin, Italy. Our first stop was at spice shop owned by a woman from Madagascar.
2016-09-20-italy-133 2016-09-20-italy-134 2016-09-20-italy-135

Next, we visited the Mercato di Porta Palazzo – a lively market in the middle of the square that stretches as far as the eye can see. (You can see more photos from our first trip to the market here).
2016-09-20-italy-137 2016-09-20-italy-138 2016-09-20-italy-139

On the far side of the market, we visited a shop owned by a french family that sold chocolates, spices, and a huge assortment of teas.


On our first trip to the market, we hadn’t noticed the tiled building that housed the fish market. The market housed stall after stall of fresh fish and seafood.

2016-09-20-italy-141 2016-09-20-italy-142

We walked a block or two away from the market for our last two stops – the Asia and Africa Market and a meat shop owned by Moroccan immigrants.

2016-09-20-italy-143 2016-09-20-italy-144 2016-09-20-italy-145 2016-09-20-italy-146 2016-09-20-italy-147 2016-09-20-italy-148

Following our morning class, we hopped on a street car to head back down south and picked out a spot for lunch. Even lunch here is a five course meal (and is always served with red wine and finishes with dessert and espresso – all of my favorite things)! For starters, we ordered this focaccia bread with tomatoes, arugula, and mozzarella.


After lunch, we made a tourist stop to Mole Antonelliana – a 550 foot tall monument with a glass elevator to the top. The views of the city were beautiful on this clear, sunny day.

2016-09-20-italy-1522016-09-20-italy-150 2016-09-20-italy-151

In the afternoon, we had a class on other food artisans that had earned Slow Foods “Masters of Taste” honor. Our first stop was a woman-run bakery that specialized in traditional breadsticks.
2016-09-20-italy-153 2016-09-20-italy-154

After that, we visited a beautiful building where in 1786 Antonio Benedetto Carpano combined herbs and spices with wine to create the first vermouth.

2016-09-20-italy-155 2016-09-20-italy-156

Next, we visited A. Giordano – a chocolate shop that specializes in a traditional chocolate called gianduiotti. This chocolate consists only of hazelnuts, cocoa, and sugar and is then hand-shaped one by one into a traditional boat shape before being wrapped in a golden foil.

2016-09-20-italy-160 2016-09-20-italy-161

Our last stop of the day was at Sapori – our favorite pasta maker (see photos from our first stop at Sapori here). There is nothing quite like tasting freshly made pasta stuffed with the best, local ingredients.



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