Announcing SPARK’s 2015-2016 Garden-Based Enrichment Plan

SPARK’s 2015-2016 Garden-Based Enrichment Programs

This year, SPARK will be joining a nationwide network of Farm to School programs with our Edible Education program focused on the planting, harvesting, and cooking of fruits and vegetables seasonal to Georgia, along with an emphasis on the importance of supporting our local farmers and producers. These enrichment lessons in the school garden and the kitchen classroom will be offered to students in kindergarten through 3rd grade during classes’ regular weekly specials rotations for quarter 1 and quarter 4. This program aims to connect our students and their families with fresh, healthy, local food as well as our vibrant food community.

In addition to the Edible Education curriculum, second and third graders at SPARK will have the opportunity to engage in Environmental Education lessons focusing on the importance and methods of conserving our natural resources – from recycling and composting, to conserving energy, to protecting our clean air and water. These enrichment lessons will occur in a series of 3-week units throughout the year and will occur during classes’ Monday rotations. This program will highlight the features of our LEED certified building and emphasize the actions that can be taken to improve our community.

Meet your Garden-Based Enrichment Team!

Jenna Shea Mobley (Coordinator)

This year, Ms. Mobley is writing the Edible Education and Environmental Education curriculums, maintaining the community partnerships and programs, and leading the support committees: Garden Committee, Wellness Committee, Green Team.

Donna Taylor (Teacher)

We are thrilled to have Ms. Taylor with us at SPARK this year. She will be implementing the Edible Education and Environmental Education enrichment lessons for kindergarten through third graders.



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