SPARK Serves as a Nationwide Leader in Environmental Education

This summer, Springdale Park served as a model for Garden-Based Education across our city, state, and nation.


Throughout Metro Atlanta:

  • Captain Planet Foundation – Photos and experiences of standard-based lessons from Springdale Park’s garden were shared with many teachers in districts across Metro Atlanta in Learning Garden Workshops hosted by Captain Planet Foundation.
  • Community Farmers Markets – Lesson plans from the curriculum created for the Springdale Park garden were taught to children across the city at our local farmers markets – specifically in the neighborhoods of Grant Park, West End, East Atlanta, Westside, and Decatur.


Throughout the State:

  • CBS “Focus Atlanta” – Springdale Park’s garden was featured on CBS’s “Focus Atlanta” television show. The interview focused on the garden serving as a model for other schools particularly in the area of gaining parent support and community engagement for deep impact.
  • Georgia Organics – Lesson plans from Springdale Park’s program will be shared with schools across the state of Georgia during October for National Farm to School month.


Throughout the Country:

  • The White House – Springdale Park’s standards-based Environmental Education program was recognized by the United States Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency in receiving the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Education. The trip to Washington, DC included an awards ceremony along with multiple presentations and panel discussions on the topic of spreading programs like Springdale Park’s to schools nationwide.
  • FoodCorps National Conference – Springdale Park’s successful garden program was the centerpiece of the Teaching and Learning series at the FoodCorps National Conference. FoodCorps is a nationwide team of AmeriCorps leader who connect to real food and help them grow up healthy. The FoodCorps service members work in 500 schools across the nation.


We are incredibly grateful for Ms. Brown’s unwavering support in building an innovative, nationally-recognized educational program and we’re excited for another year of leadership in garden-based education!




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