Guest Gardener: Daron Joffe

Daron Joffe, of Farmer D Organics,  was generous enough to come spend some time at Springdale Park today to help us assess the condition of our soil on our rooftop garden. After we finish weeding all of our raised beds, he will deliver some soil to mix in so all of our fall plants have enough nutrientsContinue reading “Guest Gardener: Daron Joffe”

Guest Gardener: Lindsay Turner

We were so excited to welcome Lindsay Turner to visit our garden today! She serves as the Executive Director of the Druid City Garden Project in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and had a lot of great insight to share about educational gardens in an urban setting. We look forward to collaborating with her in the future! TheContinue reading “Guest Gardener: Lindsay Turner”

Georgia Organics Workshop: Compost and Vermiculture

As part of my Georgia Organics Urban Agriculture Training Program, I attended a Compost Workshop today with Daniel Ballard – the Head Gardener at the Oakhurst Community Garden. We learned about many methods of composting (some better suited for demonstration purposes, others more fit for production) and some brand new techniques to me – BlackContinue reading “Georgia Organics Workshop: Compost and Vermiculture”

National Green Ribbon School

We are so honored to be chosen as one of the National Green Ribbon Schools for 2012. Principal Brown and I were able to travel up to Washington, DC for the week to receive the award and collaborate with leaders in Environmental Education from across the country. We were chosen for this award based onContinue reading “National Green Ribbon School”

An Important Message from Dr. Seuss

As we celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday each year on March 2nd, we always remember some of his most meaningful themes and quotes from his books.   Some of our favorites: “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you.” “You have brains in your head.Continue reading “An Important Message from Dr. Seuss”