Home-School Connection: Bees and Wasps

Brennan found some ground bees living in her neighborhood! Ground bees become active in early spring (right around now!) and dig their nests in the ground. They are similar to our honeybees in that they are beneficial pollinators that rarely sting. They are different from our honeybees because they are solitary bees (even though itContinue reading “Home-School Connection: Bees and Wasps”

Home-School Connection: Preventing Air Pollution

Anna and Emma ride the new Atlanta Streetcar to prevent air pollution! See more about the Atlanta Streetcar here: http://streetcar.atlantaga.gov Hennessee walks, skateboards, scooters, and bikes to prevent air pollution (and get some good exercise!). Isabel and Cyrus bike and walk in their neighborhood on the Atlanta Beltline to prevent air pollution (and breathe in ourContinue reading “Home-School Connection: Preventing Air Pollution”