Home-School Connection: Atlanta Community Food Bank

Jeffery Hallett collected $132 in donations to the Atlanta Community Food Bank at his soccer game last Saturday! Yesterday, he went to the Atlanta Community Food Bank to drop off his donation and take a tour of their facility. You can see more about Springdale Park’s work with the Atlanta Community Food Bank here. 

Home-School Connection: Recycling

I love to see my kids sorting their trash and recycling at home as well as at school! Check this link for more information on City of Atlanta recycling for residential homes: http://www.atlantaga.gov/index.aspx?page=493 At home (just like at school), you can recycle: Paper: All paper products (except boxes/paper with food contamination) Shredded paper in aContinue reading “Home-School Connection: Recycling”

Home-School Connection: Compost

There are many methods to compost at home. Here’s a quick list from the most hands-on to the quickest and easiest. All equally as effective though! Compost Bin If you have an outdoor area, you can keep your own compost bin in your backyard. You can build your own with anything from chicken wire toContinue reading “Home-School Connection: Compost”