Tasting: Pumpkin!

To celebrate the Halloween season, we read some of our favorite fiction and non-fiction books about pumpkins. Then, we ┬ámade pumpkin smoothies! Pumpkin has many health benefits! Pumpkins contain about 200% of your daily Vitamin A and keep your eyesight sharp. Pumpkins contain about 20% of your daily Vitamin C which can boost your immuneContinue reading “Tasting: Pumpkin!”

Healthy Halloween: Sugar Stacks!

This week, we learned how to find the information we need to make informed decisions about our sugar intake. This lesson was inspired by this ad: This ad was a great reminder that we all love sweets and treats – we should just make an effort to enjoy sweets in moderation. First, students examined theContinue reading “Healthy Halloween: Sugar Stacks!”

Science Lesson: Plant Parts

This week, we taught the Plant Parts Lesson Plan that I helped write for Georgia Organic’s Lettuce Try It series for National Farm to School Month. During this lesson, students reviewed the different plant parts and their essential roles for the plant. Then they sorted produce from the farmer’s market into categories showing which plantContinue reading “Science Lesson: Plant Parts”